Demo 2014

by Demon Head

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4 track demo tape finally out on Smokedd Productions in Europe, soon on Caligari Records in the states. Available through


released February 9, 2014

Gjerlufsen Nielsen: Guitar
Gjerlufsen Nielsen: Guitar
Fuglsang: Bass
Wittus: Drums
Ferreira Larsen: Vocals

Recorded and mixed by Demon Head on a rainy night during the time when the leaves fell red in 2013.



all rights reserved


Demon Head Copenhagen, Denmark

Heavy Rock from Copenhagen est. 2012


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Track Name: Undertaker

Distant howls float with the breeze
Creations of darkness is all that I see
The blood is dripping from the trees
And I have dragged you down with me

Draged you down into the cold
I am thirsty for your soul
Think I'm young but I am old
As you realize your tears they flow

I've been waiting for you
And I've been dying to meet you

Frost is in the air tonight
No warm light is shining bright
Nothing on earth could make it right
Still you don't put up a fight

Life it falls right through your hands
And land on the dry earth as a pile of sand
Your eyes are frightened and you don't understand
That you can do nothing, only I can

I've been waiting for you…

You had it but I stole the key
No breath left with which to scream
The blood is dripping from my feet
Even in death I drag you down with me
Track Name: Three

Three promises you never kept and
Three small lies that fool yourself
Three sins for which you never paid
So count your mistakes before it's too late

Thought you were safe because it was hidden
Buried in the back of your head
You waited for a long time
Now you're a lover of Lady Regret
She grabs you by the throat and begs you to see
That it all amounts to three

Three promises you never kept…

First mistake was being born
The second one was living on
Your final sin is loving yourself
All this condemned you to a life of hell
And I'll be waiting at the gates of hell
Yeah I'll be waiting at the gates of hell

Three promises you never kept...
Track Name: Ride the Wilderness

On a lost road, a trail to everywhere
Following a bad, bad road
At last all the lies seem to be clear

Walking on an endless road
Mountains in the distance never come near
The wasteland reaches as far as you can see
The sun turns golden before it disappears

A thousand eyes are watching you
Senseless and clueless, awake in the darkness
Hands are bleeding and your head is melting
From taking this last trip into the wilderness

On a lost road…

The street is a river
Treading through blood
Above it vultures are circling the sky
Rain pours down in an endless flood

You find yourself at a crossroad
And Life seems almost reality
Easy to know but hard to understand
A beautiful landscape can hold such malignancy

Standing there the wind touches your bones
The flesh lies behind as a trail of redemption
In the light of a sun that is dying
You see that there's no such thing as damnation

Ride the wilderness tonight

On a lost road…
Track Name: Demon Head

Years spent in a room with no light
A sanctuary to purge my own blight
Threw away the key the door is locked tight
Dreaming of the power to rule the night

First it was alcohol to flush the thoughts
Then i turned to drugs when I saw it was a lost cause
Hunger prevailed and I was loosing my force
Staring into darkness I saw what I was

No turning back now
I can feel it growing from the inside
Only they know when and how
And I couldn't stop them even if I tried

Demon head
For the devil I bled
Demon head
Let me in I promise you will never regret

Used to feel so sick and alone
A warm touch would chill me to the bone
The illness I had almost turned me to stone
But now I belong to the greatest of thrones

No turning back now...

Demon head
Soon to be dead
Demon head
I will be waiting as the snow turns red

Now I am a shadow in the corner of eyes
The last thing that sinners see before they die
I've got something that money can't buy
But I have no death and I have no life